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About the Author

Nancy Hamilton

Nancy Hamilton is founder and CEO of Hamilton Coaching International. She is an executive coach for high-level executives who have attained great success professionally but personally they want more. More love. More sex. More connection.

With training in clinical social work and 24 years in the field, Nancy has parlayed her knowledge and experience from individual and couples therapist to executive coach and mentor.

Using her signature programs of Relationship Fluency and Better by Tonight™, Nancy has spent more than 35,000 hours teaching executives and their significant others the relationship skills necessary for getting the love and sex they want – so they can “crush it in the bedrooms like they crush it in the boardrooms.”

About the Book

The Success Formula

Everyone is searching for a formula for success, but there is no one, single formula for everyone as our needs, wants and wishes vary from individual to individual. On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that those who have achieved success have many qualities in common. The attributes of vision, risk-taking, passion, planning, focus and perseverance are typically utilized in various proportions to accomplish success.

On the journey to success, the first-timer must identify a goal, as the goal determines your actions. Then there is your measurement of success. One commonly-used gauge of success is financial progress. Other yardsticks include public acclaim, spiritual progress, personal health, knowledge, improved self-esteem and confidence … and the list goes on. What is yours?

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by Nancy Hamilton

People tell me everything. I have come to expect this over the last twenty years as a therapist and now executive coach. Yet, for as long as I can remember, perfect the gym, store, even at the DMV... have wanted to tell me their life story.

My family just rolls their eyes, and I can’t really blame them. Once we almost missed our flight for a family vacation when the ticket agent at the airport began telling me about her mom’s move to assisted living. Believe me, I just wanted to know if I could get an aisle seat. Somehow, and much to the dismay of my family and the people in the line growing behind me, the ticket agent chose that moment to fill me in.


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